5 Best Coffee Scales in 2024 — Worth Their Weight in Gold?

Clint Doerfler
Clint Doerfler
Updated: June 8, 2022
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So many coffee scales, so little patience. We know!

Weighing the options can be tough when you’re looking for the best coffee scale for brewing coffee. With so many options and scales on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the noise.

Things like, do you even need a coffee scale? What are the most important features? And how much do I need to spend?

What Is the Best Coffee Scale in 2022?

With a focus on getting the most bang for your buck, the best scale in 2022 is still the TIMEMORE Coffee Scale with auto-timing function (and now, a power switch too).
TIMEMORE Coffee Scale with Timer
Best Overall Coffee Scale
  • Auto-Timer
  • Compact
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Very Precise
All things considered, the Timemore Coffee Scale is a strong competitor to the Acaia scales, and at a fraction of the price.
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Continue reading to see how we reached this conclusion…
Depending on your budget and needs, the following are our top 5 choices for the best coffee scale:
Category Product Link Price
Best Overall Coffee Scale - Details TIMEMORE Coffee Scale w/ Auto Timer* Price Meter - 3 Stars
Best High Capacity Coffee Scale - Details Etekcity Food Kitchen Gram Scale Bowl* Price Meter - 1 Star
Best Scale For the $$$ - Details ERAVSOW Coffee Scale w/ Timer* Price Meter - 1 Star
Best "Middle of the Road" Coffee Scale - Details Jennings CJ-600 Scale* Price Meter - 3 Stars
Best Scale for Espresso - Details MAXUS Brew Espresso Scale w/ Timer* Price Meter - 1 Star

Features To Consider With the Best Coffee Scales

Ease of use:

Pick your scale based on how simple it is to operate and calibrate for your needs. Many digital scales are much more intuitive than some other scales that make it difficult to operate without reading the manual.

Battery or Plug-in:

Most scales will typically operate on aaa batteries, but other scales will have an option for both AC power or aaa batteries. If you need to use your scale away from power sources or can't always locate one, then look into getting some rechargeable aaa batteries or picking up a USB C rechargeable scale.


Having an accurate coffee scale is vital, especially when weighing for espresso dosages, which are very particular. If you purchase a scale that falls out of whack often, it's important to have the option of calibrating it.

Tare function:

Most scales are going to have a "tare" function that will let you "zero" out the weight, which comes in handy for holding your vessel, zeroing out the weight, then measuring out your coffee. If it doesn't, keep shopping for a scale that does.


Even if you're not rough with your equipment, a digital coffee scale is susceptible to water damage. Preferably, a coffee scale should offer some sort of resistance against spills and should be easy to clean.

Weight Capacity:

What you use your scale for will determine the maximum weight capacity you'll need. If you're only using your scale for coffee, a lighter capacity like 2000 grams should suffice. However, if you'll also be using it for kitchen recipes, look for kitchen scales with higher weight capacities upwards to 11 pounds or sometimes more.

Scales for Espresso:

If you're using a coffee scale explicitly for espresso, it should read in grams and have a sensitivity to the tenth of a gram (0.1 gram increments). If you don't need or care to be that precise, you can get away with a resolution of 0.5 gram or even 1 gram accuracy, but espresso can be quite finicky.

Scales for Other Brew Methods:

A coffee scale can be used for other brew methods other than espresso. For example, a coffee scale can be used to weigh water when making Chemex, French press, or even Moka pot coffee. Weighing water is important because it allows you to use the correct ratio of water to coffee, which results in a better cup of coffee.

Units of Measurement:

If you intend to use your scale for cooking applications too, consider a scale that will measure in both grams and ounces. This will simplify the process by not having to do a bunch of conversions for recipes that call for measurements by weight.


The better the resolution, the more accurate your measurements will be. Some scales will feature espresso modes, but if not, look for a scale that has a 0.1 gram precision (so it reads down to 100mg) if you intend on weighing coffee for espresso. This is fairly precise and not all scales will have this precision, especially most kitchen scales. Often, a pocket scale will have a precision up to 0.01 grams, but that's a little overkill in the coffee realm.

Auto Off Feature:

Most scales will have an auto off feature for conserving battery power, but it's always a good idea to check before purchasing. Some will have a rechargeable battery, which makes the auto off feature less important. Also, consider using your own rechargeable AAA batteries for the long haul.

Top 5 Best Coffee Scales in 2022 - Our Picks

Considering all these variables, we’ve handpicked the top 5 best coffee scales based on precision, accuracy, budget, application, reliability, speed, and overall consumer satisfaction in the following coffee scale reviews.

TIMEMORE Coffee Scale w/ Auto Timer

Best Overall Coffee Scale
"The Timemore is a splendid entry level coffee scale to get you on the right path to amazing coffee."
  • Precision: 0.1 gram
  • Max Capacity: 2000 grams / 4.4 lbs.
  • Speed (Response Time): 0.1s—”very responsive” , “very fast”
  • Product Dimensions: 1″ high 6″ long, 5.11″ wide
  • Warranty: 1 year
Timemore Black Mirror - a very capable espresso scale
The Timemore is a very capable espresso scale.
Pour over (even espresso) coffee enthusiasts absolutely love the Timemore coffee scale with timer. It’s intuitive and easy-to-use, and has a sleek, hidden LED display—looking just as stylish as the Acaia Pearl or Acaia Lunar, at 3.5x less the cost.

Timemore’s newest (February 2020) edition of their coffee scale has one significant difference worth noting: this version has an auto-timer function that starts when it detects a weight change.
This proves very useful for pour over and espresso coffee brewing when you start your pour or start pulling a shot, allowing you to focus on the coffee brewing process instead of pushing a bunch of extra buttons. Just tap the timer button 6-8 times to activate/deactivate the auto-timer feature.

With a minimum starting weight of 0.5 grams and a max capacity of 2000 grams, this coffee scale is accurate in increments of 0.1 grams (great for dialing in the perfect espresso shot) with an error allowance of ±2 grams for every 1000 grams. This level of accuracy is going to be plenty sufficient for any pour over or espresso enthusiast.
With an overall size of 6″ x 3.5″ x 1.1″, this scale will fit under most espresso machine group heads, allowing you to weigh your water as you pull your shot. If you have a smaller espresso machine, just make sure the 1.1″ thickness will accommodate your favorite shot glasses or cup.

It has the expected tare functionality and also comes with a silicone mat to protect the scale from damage, ensuring it looks great beside all your other coffee gear for years to come.

When the timer is off, the scale will auto off after 3 minutes. With the timer running, but no change in weight, the unit will shut down after 15 minutes.

The Timemore is a sleek, affordable scale with lots of outstanding features that any home barista will love and appreciate.

It’s USB-C rechargeable, with a 16mAh battery that will last 10 hours on a full charge. Although I use mine mostly for weighing beans, I still haven't had to recharge it once in the 6 months I've owned it.

If you want most of the benefits of the Acaia pearl but don’t want to spend a fortune on a pour over coffee scale / espresso scale, then Timemore’s scale is the best pour over coffee scale with timer you can get for the money.
The Good
  • Auto-timer function
  • USB-C rechargeable
  • Very accurate with 0.1g precision
  • Fits under most espresso machines
The Could Be Better
  • Grams only
  • Timer doesn't stop when weight removed

Etekcity 0.1g Kitchen Scale

Best High Capacity Coffee Scale
"The Etekcity Kitchen Scale is a solid scale for weighing your coffee beans and pour overs. It's the best highest capacity scale on our list."
  • Precision: 0.1 gram (up to 1000 grams)
  • Max Capacity: 5000 grams / 11 lbs.
  • Speed (Response Time): Very Responsive
  • Product Dimensions: 1.3″ high 8.4″ long, 6.7″ wide
  • Warranty: 1 year
Etekcity Food Scale - Also makes a great pour over scale
The Etekcity food scale is also great for pour overs.
So a kitchen scale wouldn’t normally come up in the lineup for best coffee scales, but this one comes highly acclaimed.

Etekcity’s 0.1g Food Kitchen Scale is a kitchen scale that can measure up to 11 pounds with precision accuracy and shows the weight on an easy-to-read LCD display in grams, ounces (oz), pounds (lb) and ounces, milliliters (mL) or fluid ounces (fl oz).
Now you might wonder how a scale can measure volume. Easy, you can switch between solid, milk, or water modes for accurate weight measure of each, since the scale knows the average weight of the different densities of milk and water. I’m uncertain on what “solid” the scale assumes (flour…or concrete?), so that might throw a curveball in the mix.

But the really impressive part of this kitchen scale is that it can measure up to the first 1000 grams in 0.1 gram increments, making it a stiff competitor to other coffee scales.

However, because it lacks a built-in timer, it won’t replace the very best scales for coffee out there, but if you’re looking for a scale that includes food-specific features like volume by weight and a higher capacity (11 lbs.), this is a splendid choice.

Also, if you’re on a keto diet, watching your caloric intake, and/or just looking to explore your baking skills, this scale will assist you with all that. Nailed it!

It’s made of stainless steel and looks sleek on the countertop in your kitchen, comes with a handy bowl that doubles as a cover, has an auto off after 2 minutes, and all for a fair price.
The Good
  • Can be used for food/postal purposes due to high max capacity
  • Very responsive
  • 0.1g precision under 1000 grams
  • lb: oz / g / ml / fl oz
The Could Be Better
  • Won't fit under espresso machine
  • Scale can't be calibrated

ERAVSOW Coffee Scale with Timer

—Best Budget Coffee Scale
"The Eravsow is a great all around coffee scale for the price. It features an integrated timer and is precise to 0.1g up to 100 grams."
    • Precision: 0.1 gram (up to 100 grams)
    • Max Capacity: 3000 grams / 6.6 lbs.
    • Speed (Response Time): Around 0.5 second
    • Product Dimensions: 1.15″ high 7.7″ long, 6.1″ wide
    • Warranty: 1 year
Eravsow Coffee Scale - best high capacity coffee scale
The Eravsow coffee scale with built-in timer is another affordable option for beginners looking to up their coffee game. It’s a well-rounded scale that includes a timer function (up to an hour).

It’s highly precise, measuring in 0.1g, but only up to 100 grams. So if you’re looking to tare your portafilter, this scale may not be your best option for espresso. Although, a good workaround would be to use your portafilter basket by itself when weighing your dose out.
The Eravsow features a bright LCD backlit display
The integrated timer is nice to have on the scale, and you can start and stop it to suit your needs. Also, being backlit, it’s very easy to read, unlike some of the other scales that have smaller, unlit LCD displays.

This scale is powered by two AAA batteries, which are included, and also features an auto-off function after 5 minutes of inactivity to save battery life.

The ERAVSOW Coffee Scale with Timer features a modern stainless steel tray that makes cleanup a breeze. It also comes with a removable silicone mat, which when making drip coffee, can effectively prevent the coffee pot from slipping and protects the scale tray from being scratched or damaged by spilled liquid.

A couple users have reported that the display has crapped out on them, but ERAVSOW offers a full 1 year warranty if that happens. The manufacturer states a zero risk guarantee, and that if this coffee scale doesn’t work well for you, you can contact them for a refund or replacement. And according to various users, they are good at honoring this warranty.

Scale resolution/graduation: 2-100g = 0.1g increments | 100-500g = 0.5g increments | 500-3000g = 1g increments.

Units of measure include oz, g, and g/mL, making ERAVSOW a well-rounded, and quite affordable choice for pour over coffee brewing in 2022.
The Good
  • Built In Timer
  • Inexpensive
  • Measures in oz, g, g/mL
The Could Be Better
  • Has crapped out on a few people

Jennings CJ-600 Compact Scale

—Best "Middle of the Road" Coffee Scale
"A great middle-of-the-road coffee scale, the Jennings CJ-600 has been a trusted and accurate favorite of coffee enthusiasts for years."
    • Precision: 0.5 gram
    • Max Capacity: 4000 grams / 8.8 lbs.
    • Speed (Response Time): “Very Responsive” – “Fast Response”
    • Product Dimensions: 1.75″ high, 8.5″ long, 5.75″ wide
    • Warranty: 20 years (don’t lose the warranty card!)
Coffee enthusiasts consider the Jennings CJ-600 the brother of one of the original gangsters in the coffee scale world. It’s one of the most consistent and accurate pour over coffee scales for the money out there. It’s consistent enough that you can weigh and remove the same object repeatedly, with exact results every time.

The Jennings is perfect for pour overs, but sacrifices a little precision because of its larger max weight capacity of 8+ pounds. Because of this, however, it also couples as the perfect scale for cooking/food prep (heavy mixing bowl), postal items, etc.

In terms of precision, though, the CJ-4000 will weigh in grams, ounces, pounds, and pieces, in 0.5g increments. Some other scales on the market are more precise to the tenth of a gram (0.1g), but this will make little to no difference with pour over coffee brewing methods.
The Jennings CJ4000 comes with a bowl that doubles as a coer
While it will measure your beans with great precision, because of its size, it’s probably not going to fit under most espresso machines. This is only a problem if you’re looking for a scale to measure your espresso yield when pulling shots.

If you want a scale that for that purpose, look to our review of the MAXUS espresso scale below. It’s very affordable, and can be your espresso companion beside this scale.

Back to the CJ-600. It’s a very fast scale, meaning the time between adding weight and the scale registering said weight is quite fast without lag.

This is vital so you don’t end up messing your coffee/water ratio up by going over your intended weight when pouring.

One of the few scales to come with an AC adapter, you can finally forget about fiddling with batteries or having to recharge it, although it takes 3 AAA batteries (included) if your space doesn’t have an outlet nearby.

And as far as preventative damage, consider finding a separate silicone pad or small piece of cardboard to protect the scale from direct contact with extreme temperatures. Also, this one isn’t waterproof, so you should exercise some caution in preventing major spills.

On the downside, a few have said that they don’t care for the loud, annoying beeping sounds it makes when using it. There doesn’t seem to be a way to disable it either, short of disconnecting the speaker wire on the circuit board like one user did.

Ultimately, the Jennings CJ-600 scale is a splendid choice if you’re looking for a budget friendly way to precisely and reliably measure your coffee beans and pour overs.
The Good
  • 20 year warranty
  • Included AC adapter
  • Also good for other uses
The Could Be Better
  • Has quit working for some users
  • Complaints of poor customer service
  • Loud beep

MAXUS BREW Espresso Scale with Timer

​—Best (And Smallest) Scale for Espresso
"The Maxus Brew pocket scale is an outstanding scale for espresso and lighter weight brew methods. It's also highly affordable."
  • Precision: 0.1 gram
  • Max Capacity: 1000 grams / 2.2 lbs.
  • Speed (Response Time): Impressively responsive
  • Product Dimensions: 0.75″ high, 4.875″ long, 2.875″ wide
  • Warranty: 5 years
Maxus Espresso Coffee Scale with the Breville Barista Express
Weighing out a shot with the Maxus espresso coffee scale
It’s very impressive what they’ve packed into this compact coffee scale, given the price. Powered by two AAA batteries (included), this simple, yet reliable coffee scale perfectly suits almost any espresso setup. Many other craft coffee enthusiasts also hold these in high regard.

It features a stainless steel load plate that bears a 1000g max capacity, which is way more than most other pocket scales. Because of this larger max weight capacity, home baristas like yourself can even use it with some smaller (and lighter) pour over coffee setups.

Capable of weighing in grams and ounces in 0.01oz / 0.1 gram increments, it’s very precise considering this max weight capacity.

Geared toward the modern coffee drinker who values convenience and sophistication in their morning beverage rituals, this precision espresso scale features a fairly large, backlit digital LCD display, built-in timer, and a 5 minute auto off function.

It’s very compact, measuring only 4 7/8 x 2 7/8 x 3/4 inches, so it fits perfectly on the drip tray under machines like the Breville Barista Express and similar home espresso machines.

I own this scale and use it reliably with the Barista Express almost every single day.

Much to my surprise, only costing around $10, it doesn’t feel cheap and has far exceeded many others’ expectations as well. It’s assuredly one of the best budget coffee scales on the market.
  • 5 year warranty
  • Can be calibrated
A couple things to mention—it might be too narrow for some pour over applications, and your brewer could topple over if not careful.

Also, the built-in timer has no resume function, e.g., when you press the start button, the timer starts, press it again, it stops, press it a third time, and it resets, instead of resuming.

Still, this is absolutely one of the best espresso coffee scales for the money.
The Good
The Could Be Better
  • Has quit working for some users

Hey, what about the Hario Drip Coffee Scale, Brewista Smart Coffee Scale, and the Acaia Pearl coffee scales?

Hario v60 Drip Coffee Scale – Is It Worth It?

Hario v60 drip coffee scale
Hario v60 Scale – Photo by Luke Porter
There are many options for the Hario v60 pour over coffee maker, but how do their scales measure up?

Many users have claimed that the Hario drip scale has just quit on them without enduring any type of damage—many of those claims stating that the scale just won’t turn on anymore.

This happened anywhere from a little after the 30 day return policy expired to a little over a year. Most of which claiming they’ve taken meticulous care of the scale. There are also many claims of the buttons no longer functioning and/or the timer starting and stopping by itself.

Seeking support from the manufacturer had also proved quite difficult, and often being of little to no help, if they even returned emails at all.

Multiple supported claims:
  • Many users state the Hario drip scale has a slow response time
  • Cheap plastic construction for the price
  • No auto off when timer activated
  • No battery life indicator—hard to know when to swap out the two aaa batteries.
  • Not even a little waterproof
  • No backlit display for low light conditions

Hario vs Timemore Scale

That said, we can’t recommend the Hario scale and definitely stand by the Timemore coffee scale 100%.

I don’t own the Hario coffee drip scale with timer, but after reading all the negative comments, I personally wouldn’t risk it.

If you’d like to research it for yourself, you can check it out on Amazon.

Brewista Smart Scale II

Brewista Smart Scale II
The Brewista Smart Scale II
There are many claims of weight/measurement drifts on the Brewista digital coffee scale without even touching it. Anywhere from 10 to 100 grams.

Multiple reviews stating sporadic resetting of weights and times—unreliable tare and auto-timer functions (the scale taring itself mid-brew for example).

Other claims backed up by multiple persons:
  • Inconsistent in measuring the same object repeatedly
  • Stopped working within 2 – 4 months
  • Unresponsive customer support—no callbacks or email responses
  • Lots of scales that were DOA (dead on arrival), which may or may not be the fault of the manufacturer (if it was drop-kicked by Jim Carey, for example).

Acaia Pearl and Lunar

Acaia Pearl - Coffee Scale
Acaia Pearl – Photo by Nathan Dumlao
I couldn’t find very many downsides pertaining to the Acaia Pearl and Acaia Lunar coffee scales. These scales seem well-regarded and are being used in many professional coffee shop environments.

However, I personally don’t feel the cost justifies the functionality or quality. Sure, they’re built well and have the fastest response time and highest accuracy of any other scale on the market, but the cost difference is going to be a deal breaker for most.

If price isn’t an issue for you, though, the Acacia scales are the best available to date. But for most, these will be outside their budgets.
Acaia Lunar - Coffee Scale
Acaia Lunar – Photo by Tyler Nix
Also, if you’re not aware, the Pearl is likely too bulky to fit on the drip tray under your espresso machine, and thus, not intended for pulling shots. If that is your intention, go with the Lunar, as Acaia has specifically designed it for brewing espresso.

Of the few bad things I could find about the Acaia scales, these are what stuck out the most:
  • The interface is not intuitive or user friendly and takes some learning
  • The app is very slow, crashes a lot and doesn’t sync with your phone in real time (on Android anyway)
As stated, Acaia makes an expensive coffee scale, and might be outside the budget for many. However, if you’re in the market for one, they come highly recommended and a good deal of coffee shops use them on the daily.

See the Acaia Pearl or the Acaia Lunar Scale on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Even Need a Coffee Scale for Brewing Coffee?

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” – Peter Drucker

Scales are a mandatory tool for baristas and any serious coffee enthusiast. By ensuring the right amount of coffee to water ratio every single time, your morning coffee is always of the highest quality and the process is repeatable.

By weighing out your coffee beans or coffee grounds on a coffee scale, you’ll be able to take control of your coffee ratios. This means you can make very fine adjustments to your coffee dosage to suit your (or your raving fans’) individual tastes, with precise, consistent results.

And if you’re a fan of pour overs, you’ll be able to measure perfectly the ratio of water to coffee grounds before grinding, for a cup of coffee that blows everything else out of the water.

Are coffee scales worth it?

Coffee scales are worth it if you prefer consistency in taste over speed. They will assist you in weighing your coffee and water to attain the perfect ratio.

A coffee scale with a timer will also help you dial in the perfect espresso and pour over coffee. So yes, a coffee scale will help you get it right every time you prepare your favorite drink.

Coffee Scale vs Kitchen Scale — Can I use a food scale for coffee?

Yes, depending on the coffee brewing techniques used..

A food scale (or kitchen scale) can be an excellent way of measuring out coffee beans and coffee grounds. It's also a precise way to brew coffee for methods like pour over coffee and AeroPress, and will also serve you well with measuring ingredients for baking and portion sizes for calorie counting..

However, some food scales don't have the precision needed for espresso and pour over brewing methods. For espresso, you'll want an accuracy of 0.1g - which is not found on all food scales..

When you brew pour over coffee, you can get away with a 0.5g precision.

How accurate do coffee scales need to be?

When measuring for pour over brews, scales should at least be accurate to half a gram, or 0.5g. This should be plenty sufficient to get a consistent cup of pour over.

For espresso, however, your scale should at least be accurate within a tenth of a gram, or 0.1g. This is because espresso is so much more finicky to get just right, and the smallest disruption in your coffee to water ratio can make an enormous difference.

Also, consider that there are varying degrees of accuracy with most coffee scales on the market. Scales will measure at different levels of accuracy depending on the amount of weight on the scale.

For example, the Timemore coffee scale has a measuring precision of +/- 0.5g for the first 500 grams, +/- 1g within the range of 500g - 1000g, then +/- 3g within the range for 1000g - 2000g.

Take this into account when figuring out how much your equipment weighs before adding coffee or water.

Why do you weight coffee?

You weigh coffee in order to nail the optimal coffee to water ratio. There are simply too many variables in coffee to depend on measuring by volume. For instance, finely ground coffee grounds vs. coarse coffee grounds will certainly always weigh more when using volume (like a coffee scoop) to measure it out.

For instance, if you were to take a tablespoon of 5 different roast levels from 5 different origins and compare them, they will all weigh differently; some significantly.

30 grams of coffee is always 30 grams, regardless of the roast level, origin, ground vs. whole bean, etc. This is how you master your cup to consistently amazing coffee.

Do I need a scale for an espresso machine?

Unless your machine has an exact means of accurately dosing your coffee into your portafilter and administering a precise amount of water consistently, use a scale for to brew coffee for espresso.

Some would argue that you should anyway, even if your machine has those features. That's your path to a perfect cup of coffee!

Scale Up Your Coffee Game

Latte Art
As you can see, scales are an important part of any coffee enthusiast’s indispensable equipment and should be in your daily arsenal.

We really hope this article has been helpful in choosing the best coffee scale for you and your favorite brew.

To your coffee journey!
Clint Doerfler
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This article was last updated: June 8, 2022

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