Fellow Prismo Review—Is This AeroPress Gizmo Worth It?

Clint Doerfler
Clint Doerfler
Updated: August 11, 2022
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When I think of espresso coffee, I think of something that’s bold, punchy, and delicious—especially when turned into my favorite coffee beverage, the café mocha.

But to whip out some convincing espresso requires a fair bit of knowledge, time, and, typically, money. Both the Moka pot and AeroPress claim to brew an espresso-like beverage that's much less expensive to make, but just as tasty.

I’d been hearing about this accessory for the AeroPress by the same "Fellows" that make the Ode grinder.

It promised to deliver a truly convincing shot of espresso and the ability to brew full immersion coffee with your AeroPress without relying upon the inverted method.

I was intrigued.

Being that the AeroPress already does a fantastic job at creating some amazing espresso-like coffee, I questioned whether the Fellow Prismo attachment could bring it even closer to matching the flavor of a traditional espresso machine.

With this in mind, I ordered the Prismo to see if it lived up to all the hype. In this Fellow Prismo review, we’ll look at what I discovered, both the good and the average.

But real quick, what is this Prismo Gizmo?

What Is the Fellow Prismo Attachment for AeroPress?

The Fellow Prismo is an accessory that replaces the stock filter cap on the AeroPress coffee maker. It consists of a bigger plastic cap with a pressure actuated valve and a 150 micron stainless steel filter for creating espresso-style coffee and a no drip seal for full immersion brews.
At A Glance: The Fellow Prismo AeroPress Attachment
Fellow Prismo Attachment for AeroPress Coffee Maker - Enhance Your Manual Coffee Maker to Brew Espresso-Style and No-Drip Immersion Coffees, Reusable Metal Filter
  • Espresso Style Coffee
  • Full Immersion Brews
  • Use Over & Over
  • No Dripping When Done
The Fellow Prismo is a powerful and innovative attachment for the AeroPress that allows you to brew better coffee.
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Fellow Prismo Review—The Unveiling

Fellow Prismo Unboxing
Unboxing the Fellow Prismo AeroPress attachment
When I received my Fellow Prismo, naturally I was eager to try it out. I already love the smooth flavor the AeroPress delivers, so I was anxious to see if this little contraption could improve upon it.

Upon unboxing the Fellow Prismo, its design, albeit plastic, immediately impressed me. It’s a solid, easy-to-grip cap that screws onto the bottom of the AeroPress brew chamber. Also in the box is a reusable 150 micron etched permanent metal filter that promises to “stop sludge in its tracks”, as Fellow so boldly puts it.

To use, simply place the permanent filter inside the cap (logo facing toward you) before screwing it onto your AeroPress.

Obviously, before using, you’ll want to wash everything with warm, soapy water.

How Easy Is The Fellow Prismo To Use? How Well Does It Work?

My first impression was that the fit was tighter than the standard filter cap that comes with the AeroPress. This is mostly because of the thick gasket surrounding the metal filter. Also, as I later discovered, it may have to do with design enhancements Fellow made so it better fits the more recent Standard AeroPress and AeroPress Go brewers.

While it doesn’t turn in nearly as much as the original cap that came with my AeroPress, I’ve had no issues with the Prismo falling off or leaking.
The Prismo fits a little tight on my AeroPress
The Prismo fits a little tight on my AeroPress but works flawlessly
The major benefit of the Prismo is that you no longer have to use the inverted brew method with the AeroPress to brew full immersion coffee (if you’re not familiar with the inverted method for the AeroPress, check out this article on it). In short, the inverted method allows you to fully immerse your grounds with no extracted coffee falling into your mug before you want it to.

Another nice thing about the Prismo is the reduced waste by not having to purchase or rely upon a paper filter. This wasn’t as big a deal to me since the paper filters are quite affordable, but still a benefit, I suppose.

Using the Fellow Prismo AeroPress Attachment

So, now that I have my new Prismo attached and some fresh coffee beans ground down to a very fine grind (number 1-2 on the OXO burr grinder are the best settings I’ve found so far), I’m ready to brew espresso style coffee.

I dump 20 grams of ground coffee into the brew chamber and start the timer on my gooseneck kettle. Now, I can reliably bloom my AeroPress coffee (40 grams of water) since the pressure actuated valve on the Prismo is going to hold all the contents in until I press the plunger down.

30 seconds of bloom will suffice, then I fill up the AeroPress the rest of the way. Setting my kettle back on its base, I stir the slurry up for 20 seconds—looking good so far!

After 90 seconds of total brew time (I’m using a medium roast here, FWIW), I’m ready to fill my glass.

In pushing the plunger down, I immediately noticed the pressure actuated valve didn’t require as much force as I had expected. In fact, it was quite effortless to push down—different from what I had been reading about up to this point.

After the plunger stops at the bottom, I remove the entire getup from the top of my mug, unscrew the cap with the filter, and plunge the coffee puck into the garbage (or compost bin). I then wash/rinse everything off and allow it to air dry in the bamboo AeroPress organizer (which works and looks fantastic, by the way).

Since I usually go for a regular cup of coffee, I fill my mug the rest of the way with hot water to suit my tastes. I typically use a spiraling motion similar to a pour over, intentionally trying to “mix things up” to get some aeration in there (hey, it makes a difference in my head).

So after it’s all said and done, how does the coffee brewed with the Prismo taste?

Does the Fellow Prismo Filter Taste Different?

Prismo cap versus standard AeroPress cap
Fellow Prismo cap versus the standard AeroPress cap
My conclusion is that the Prismo AeroPress filter performs just as well as the standard paper filter and cap, but produces a heavier body with more “thickness”.

Disclaimer: I’m no coffee cupping expert, but the coffee from both tastes excellent, with some slight variations between the two.

If you love French press, you’ll likely love the coffee from an AeroPress with the Prismo filter accessory. This is because the metal filter retains much of the coffee’s natural oils.

In addition, although the metal filter is very fine, it allows some trace amounts of sediment to get through. This may bother some people, but it phases me not.

What I really like about using the Prismo, which I use every day now, is that you no longer have to rely upon the inverted method to pull off a strict full immersion brew.

Pressure Actuated Valve—Can You Really Brew Espresso Style Coffee Using Your AeroPress?

If you’re serious about your coffee and want to brew espresso style shots, the Prismo pressure actuated valve promises to deliver brewed coffee with a consistency closer to espresso than what the standard AeroPress filter/cap can pull off. It does this by creating a circumstance in which more pressure is needed in order to push the plunger down.

While the Prismo does help a smidgen with achieving barista-style espresso drinks right in your kitchen, the degree to which it helps is marginal.

It still works great for creating a no-drip seal for your full immersion brew. This assists you in properly extracting your coffee by keeping your coffee grounds in full contact with the water during the entire brew cycle, which is why I use it daily. It’s just easier.

However, you’re probably not going to get a thick layer of crema atop your “espresso”. For that, and to truly achieve authentic espresso, you’ll still need a pump driven espresso machine.

That said, you can still create some rich espresso-style coffee without the expense of a professional machine. Just don’t expect the same potency or viscosity you’d find in a traditional shot.

All in all, the pressure actuated valve designed by Fellow provides the following benefits:

Metal Filter—Full-Bodied Coffee, Without the Sludge

Fellow Prismo 350 micron metal filter fitted inside cap
Fellow Prismo 150 micron metal filter fitted inside cap
French press lovers should absolutely love the Prismo. This is because the metal filter produces a cup of coffee that shares some similarities with the French press, such as retaining the natural oils found in coffee.

But regarding reusable metal filters, many people are turned off by the build up of fines (sediment) the coffee grounds leave behind in the bottom of their mug.

However, that’s not as much of a concern with Prismo’s 150 micron etched stainless steel filter. I can attest, it leaves very little coffee residual behind and the coffee is smooth and rich.

Among that, the other benefits are plentiful, including saving money on paper filters and the good feeling of making sustainable choices.
  • The metal filter will last you for years and is easy to clean
  • You’ll save money on paper filters
  • Consistent espresso style brew coffee
  • Keeping coffee sustainable by reducing waste
  • The taste will suit those who love French press style coffee
If you’re looking to take your AeroPress coffee brewing even further, the Prismo Fellow is an ideal accessory. Made of durable high grade stainless steel, this filter will give you consistent brews time and time again, resulting in delicious, full-bodied coffee.

Optionally, if you prefer a lighter and brighter coffee, you can filter out all the fines from your coffee grounds and a lot of the oils by using a paper filter with the metal filter. I’ve done this with great success (and the cap actually screws on easier too).

What Are People Saying About the Prismo Attachment for AeroPress?

Pictured is the “crema” you might expect from the Fellow Prismo – Photo © Fellow
Overall, people have been extremely happy with the Prismo AeroPress attachment.

Many users love the flavor of coffee brewed with the Fellow Prismo accessory and say that it tastes better than when brewed with the stock AeroPress paper filter / filter cap.
Some have admitted they’re not able to produce the espresso-like crema that’s pictured in Fellow’s advertising. However, this also has a lot to do with the freshness of your coffee. You’ll always get a better crema if your beans are fresh.

Outside of this, you can still produce an intense, espresso-like drink, just perhaps not as picture-perfect as you may have expected.
The Fellow Prismo AeroPress Attachment
  • Espresso-Like Coffee
  • No-Drip Full Immersion Brewing
  • Reusable Metal Filter
  • French Press Fans Will Love It
You can buy the Fellow Prismo filter attachment for AeroPress right here.
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Pressing On...

The Fellow Prismo attachment for AeroPress is perfect for those who crave espresso-like specialty coffees at home without having to go out and buy all the expensive equipment and accessories.

It will simplify your morning routine and provide a flavorful and consistent cup of coffee every time without having to turn your world (or your AeroPress) upside down.

Hopefully, this Fellow Prismo review has answered most or all of your questions.

Thanks for reading and good luck on your coffee journey!
~Coffee Gear Gurus

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fellow Prismo work on the AeroPress Go?

Depending on when you purchased your Prismo and AeroPress Go, it may or may not fit so easily.

Unfortunately, they released the AeroPress Go after the initial Prismo design and, as a result; it isn’t completely compatible. The product team at Fellow is considering adjusting the dimensions of Prismo, as the new AeroPress Go has slightly different dimensions from the previous 7 generations, but we’re not positive if this has happened or not.

Workarounds: Some have had luck with pouring hot water in the Prismo (with the filter in place) and letting it sit for a few minutes before dumping it out and attaching it to the AeroPress Go.

Also, it’s easier to screw on when using a paper filter on top of the Prismo filter.

Will the Fellow Prismo replace my espresso machine?

For most people, this will not be the case. The Prismo still doesn’t generate the pressure needed to create true espresso. However, if you’re in love with French press coffee and are okay with something that falls under the “Americano” style range of coffee brewing methods, you’ll be more than pleased.

You can also craft some very convincing espresso based beverages, such as lattes and cappuccinos, when using the Prismo with your AeroPress coffee maker.

Can Fellow Prismo produce crema?

Prismo likely won’t produce the crema you’re envisioning, and surely not what a true espresso machine can. This is because there isn’t nearly enough pressure being generated to do so. If there was, you probably wouldn’t even be able to push the plunger down (not without making a gigantic mess, anyhow).

However, if you use really fresh coffee beans, you can get a very thin layer of crema out of it. Some users claim they’ve had success, but most others disagree.

In my experience, I’ve gotten more “crema” by using a paper filter with the Prismo (including the metal filter), likely because of the extra force (pressure) required to push the water through. However, these are more likely just bubbles and not a true crema.

Is Fellow Prismo dishwasher safe?

The Prismo is not dishwasher safe and you should only hand wash it with dish soap and warm water. This will ensure the Prismo lasts you for years to come.

Is Fellow Prismo BPA free?

Yes, the product is completely BPA-free and Prop 65 compliant.

Can AeroPress with the Prismo attachment make cold brew?

Absolutely! The Prismo’s pressure actuated valve with the no drip seal is perfect for cold and hot brews alike.

And if you’ve never had cold brewed coffee, you’re missing out! You’ll find that its sweet and smooth flavor requires less, if any, added sugar or cream, if that’s your thing. It has a savory, natural nutty taste with subtle notes of cocoa.

If you’ve never tried it, we highly recommend it.

Is AeroPress Prismo worth it?

The Prismo is worth it if you enjoy a rich, yet exceptionally smooth cup of coffee that’s very flavorful, with little to no acidity. Also, the metal filter saves you the expense of paper filters and contributes to a more sustainable environment.

What kind of coffee should I use with the Fellow Prismo attachment for AeroPress?

You can use any kind of coffee you’d like. Regardless of what coffee you use, though, we’ve found that a finer grind always works best with the AeroPress coffee maker.

As always, we recommend freshly roasted specialty beans with a roast date of 10 days or fewer for optimal taste and flavor.

Also, understand that lighter roasts will take longer to extract than darker roasts because of their increased water density. Experimentation is key to making your perfect “AeroPress with Prismo” cup!

Is Prismo easy to clean?

Yes, the Prismo and metal filter wash up quite easily. Simply wash with soap and warm water. Overall, the Prismo is very easy to maintain and should last for years to come.

To Your Coffee Journey!
Clint Doerfler
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This article was last updated: August 11, 2022

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