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What Is Alkaline Coffee? 15 Super Easy Low Acid Coffee Hacks

We discuss what alkaline coffee is and what it means for your health. Plus, 15 ways to reduce the levels of acidity and make alkaline coffee at home.

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Should You Put Honey in Coffee? Benefits & Drawbacks

People have used honey for centuries to add sweetness to foods and beverages, including tea and coffee. But should you put honey in coffee? We discuss the 3...

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What Is a Red Eye Coffee? Red Eye vs Black Eye vs Dead Eye?

In this post, we explore what is a red eye coffee, its origin, and how it stacks up against a black eye coffee and dead eye coffee. Making one at home is as...

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Does Instant Coffee Dissolve In Cold Water? Powder vs. Crystals Plus a Tasty Recipe

We explore dissolving instant coffee in cold water vs hot water, instant powder vs. crystals, & a bonus—a quick and tasty iced coffee recipe using instant...

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17 Strongest Starbucks Drinks—(Ranked by the Most Caffeine)

There are many delicious coffee beverages at Starbucks, but what are the strongest Starbucks drinks? In this post, we'll explore some of the surprising answers!

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Are Coffee Grounds Good for Houseplants? +8 Creative Uses

Are coffee grounds good for houseplants? In this post we discuss how and when to use this normal garbage for good. In fact, they also have many other uses...

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What Is the Difference Between Coffee and Espresso?

Here, we give you the short answer and the long answer to the question: What is the difference between coffee and espresso? We discuss many factors that...

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Are Aluminum Espresso Makers Safe? The Myths of the Moka Pot

In this post, we explore the question, are aluminum espresso makers safe? What are the pros & cons to using an aluminum Moka pot vs. a stainless steel one?

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How To Make Perfect Coffee at Home: 13 Tips for Café Quality

Tired of nasty burnt coffee? Take your coffee to a level you never thought possible with these 13 simple tips. Learn how to make perfect coffee at home.

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4 Types of Coffee Roasts—Common Profiles & Roasting Process

What are the different types of coffee roasts? Why are some beans roasted differently? What is first crack and second crack? We answer these questions and more.

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Which Hario v60 is Best? Hario v60 01 vs 02 vs 03?—Plastic vs Ceramic vs Metal

In this post, we'll clear the confusion on which Hario v60 is best for you. We discuss the different sizes & materials and which one is best for your setup.

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How to Clean Your Coffee and Espresso Machines - Top Tips

In this post, we explain how to clean your coffee and espresso machines, as well as keep up on routine maintenance. This will save you time in the long run!

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What’s the Benefit of Pour Over Coffee? All the Geeky Deets

We've set out to discuss the advantages of pour over coffee. What are the pros and cons of a pour over maker? What makes them superior to other brewing methods?

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Latte Confusion? Iced Latte vs Iced Coffee—We Have The Solution

With so many variations; iced latte vs iced coffee vs latte, it's easy to see why there's so much confusion. In this post, we explain the differences.

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