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Easy-to-follow guides on brewing, reviews on the best coffee gear to brew it with, and the best coffee to use for all of it.
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Best methods for brewing automatic drip, espresso, French press, Aeropress, etc.

From grind size to dose, brew time to extraction — we've got you covered with our simple guides to amazing coffee.
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Best Coffee Gear Reviews

In-depth analysis and guides on the best gear out there.

From the best drip coffee makers, grinders, scales, combo machines, and more, we go through the painstaking work of filtering out all the noise.
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Best Coffee

Best coffee for espresso, best tasting coffee beans, best coffee for cold brew, and more.

We also give you recommendations for the strongest coffee at Starbucks, best budget coffee, and best ground coffee.
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Take the Guesswork Out With Our Brew Calculator

Easily dial in your coffee-to-water golden ratio using any combination of fluid ounces, milliliters, grams, tablespoons, and ounces.
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Embark On Your Journey To Amazing Coffee.
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