How to Make Iced Coffee with Keurig

Clint Doerfler
Clint Doerfler
Updated: April 6, 2022
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It’s that time of the year again. When coffee drinkers are confronted with brutally hot weather and forced to switch to iced coffee.

If you’re looking for speed and convenience, you’re probably already aware that coffee with a Keurig will give you the fastest path to caffeine, saving you time so you can get back to doing what you do.

So this begs the question: How to make iced coffee with Keurig?

Well, in your best imagined redneck voice, loudly assert, “It ain’t rocket surgery!”. Because it isn’t.
Redneck -
“Ain’t no rocket surgery!”
In fact, you can take your Keurig iced coffee brew over the top with a few simple tips. And you can even get the job done at a fraction of the cost and with minimal hassle on your end.

We’ve got you covered with our four easy steps to land you a flavorful Keurig iced coffee at home in no time at all!

But first, we’ll share some helpful insights and tips so you can enjoy the best iced coffee possible.
Patience of a Chopping Block?
Just Skip to the Keurig Iced Coffee Recipe

Can You Just Add Ice to Coffee To Make Iced Coffee?

You can, but we certainly don’t recommend it. Instead, follow the tips and advice outlined in this article. It will be worth the little extra effort.

Can You Make Iced Coffee With a Keurig?

K cup collection
Many K-Cup flavors to try over ice. Photo by @beckycharms
You sure can!

Most people make coffee with a Keurig for the speed and convenience. Making a superb cup of coffee requires time, patience, and labor, so why not save your time… and sanity? After all, that is WHY you bought a Keurig, right?

But hey, if you’re in the market, check out our best picks for a new drip coffee maker here.

Can I Use Regular K Cups?

Absolutely! Using the K-cups you already have at your disposal is a quick and easy way to get a cup of iced coffee at a much lower price point compared to the $4 you would otherwise pay at Starbucks.

It’s a far more illustrious idea to let Keurig do all the heavy lifting; less hassle for you in the end.

So, here’s a question that often comes up: does Keurig compromise on taste and quality?

No, we don’t think so, though that will largely depend on the k-cup you buy.

I’m quite partial to the 100% Colombian Coffee by Kroger (it’s actually just rebranded Green Mountain coffee), and if I’m being perfectly honest, this is my go-to if I’m short on time. It’s fairly priced to boot.

Can I Brew It so the Ice Doesn't Melt and Water It Down?

Fellow has also incorporated the following features into this burr grinder:
Iced coffee without melted ice cubes
No watered down ice! ~Nathan Dumlao
While making iced coffee with your Keurig, you need to be careful with the coffee-to-water ratio because the ice melting in the coffee can give you a weak and watered-down flavor. Don’t worry, we have the solution.

To follow is how you can make your Keurig iced coffee stronger, so it all perfectly balances out.

1. Make Coffee Ice Cubes

You can make use of ice cubes made from coffee to ensure you don’t get a weak, watered-down iced coffee when your “ice” melts. Here’s the tip:

Simply brew a large cup of coffee from Keurig and wait for it to cool. Now pour it into some ice cube trays and let them freeze overnight. Using coffee ice instead of regular ice will prevent your coffee from getting watered down and, hence, keep the flavor intact.

2. Use the Strong Setting on your Keurig Brewer

Another option is to make your coffee strong enough that the melted ice balances it out. If you have a strong setting (or really small cup size) on your Keurig Coffee brewer, use it.

You can also “brew in twos”, as described below. This is basically using two k-cups with half the water in each. This ensures you get a smooth, delicious iced coffee.

3. Chill Your Coffee First

Here is the third method if you have the time, patience, or foresight. Just brew your usual k-cup without ice, and then leave it to chill in the refrigerator. Tip: Brew it in the morning so you can enjoy it in the afternoon.

After chilling sufficiently, take your cold coffee out of the refrigerator and pour it into the ice-filled glass.

When the coffee is already cold, it will minimize the melting process of the ice, and thus keep your coffee-to-water ratio intact, resulting in a delicious Keurig iced coffee that isn’t watered down.

Now let’s make this delicious drink together.

Follow these steps so you know how to make good Keurig iced coffee and treat yourself to a refreshing glass of iced coffee at home whenever you desire. I think this drink will pleasantly surprise you, especially if you use quality k-cups.

How To Make Iced Coffee With Keurig

Recipe - How to make iced coffee with Keurig
Here's the recipe for making the perfect iced coffee with your Keurig

1. Get your Keurig Ready to Brew

Turn on your Keurig and let it preheat (make sure there’s enough water in the reservoir). Choose the brew strength you desire.

For iced coffee with normal ice cubes, stronger is better, so consider one of the smaller cup settings (also see the tips below for stronger coffee).

2. Fill up the Glass with Ice Cubes / Coffee Cubes

A word of caution: while making iced coffee from Keurig, you will combine hot and cold temperatures, and thus it is essential to use a cup that can handle extreme temperature changes.

Use regular ice cubes or coffee cubes to fill the cup to the top. You want to use a lot of ice because much of it melts as the hot coffee pours out from the Keurig. This will ensure a delicious, ice-cold coffee.

3. Watch Your Keurig Make You a Refreshing Cup of Iced Coffee

All you have to do now is insert your k cup and push the brew button, and the Keurig will start brewing directly over the ice. That’s all there is to it. If you drink black coffee, this is a wrap!

For those who prefer it sweet and creamy, let’s get to the next step!

4. Spice Up the Ice With Somethin’ Nice (Optional)

Give your iced coffee a stir while adding your preferred amount of cream and sugar. A simple syrup or your favorite coffee creamer with added sugar might do you well here, as it’s pretty difficult to get granulated sugar or honey to dissolve in this cold concoction.

Alternatively, you can preheat a little water in the microwave or your gooseneck kettle to dissolve your sweetener. Just use a separate small container, mix it, and add it to your iced coffee.

More Tips for Making the Best Iced Coffee in Your Keurig

If you want to take your iced coffee game to the next level, here are some hot tips for your ice-cold coffee.

Insights into Making Coffee Ice Cubes

To elaborate a little further on making coffee ice cubes, as discussed above, here are a couple more tips for even better results:

Brew a batch of coffee large enough to fill the ice tray. If you have a plastic ice tray, let your coffee brew cool down a bit before pouring it into the tray, otherwise you can simply use metal or silicon trays.

We recommend putting a zip-lock bag around the tray to prevent getting any freezer flavors into the cubes and ruining your coffee. Leave the tray for 5 hours, and viola! Your ice cubes are ready.

How to Brew in Twos

If you want to make iced coffee with your Keurig coffee maker, but you can’t wait around for your drink to get cold, you can use this method:

Brewing in twos will increase your coffee to water ratio, giving you a stronger brew that will compensate for the melted ice.

In a word, opt for two 4-ounce brews using a k cup with each, instead of one 8-ounce brew.

Experiment With Different Keurig Flavors

For even more variety, try brewing with your favorite flavored k-cup or experiment further with this flavored k cup variety pack on Amazon.

You’ll be amazed at the unique flavor profiles you can create!

There you have it, coffee lovers! In just four easy steps and a little extra know-how, you can have a fantastic cup of freshly brewed iced coffee at home with your Keurig in under 4 minutes. The cherry on top? You only have to spend a fraction of what you’d pay at your local coffee shop.

Ice, Ice Baby!
Clint Doerfler
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This article was last updated: April 6, 2022

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